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Collection: Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets are recommended by occupational therapists as an aid for people with autism, cerebral palsy, restless leg syndrome, dementia, etc. They are also great for reducing anxiety and stress as they provide security and comfort just like a hug.

Gravity blanket uses the principle of deep contact pressure to stimulate every pressure point in the body, which will increase your serotonin and melatonin levels, reduce heart rate and blood pressure, so that your nervous system can be relaxed, emotional relaxation, and more efficient sleep.

The blanket is made from super soft and breathable premium cotton and is filled with high density with non-toxic silica particles to add a weighted feel, perfect for a night of good sleep!

These are perfect to pair with our  Single/Twin Size Fluffy bed sets for an ultimate sensorial experience!
Explore our range and you too can sleep comfier!




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